CardaWheels NFT


CardaWheels is the Family of unique cartoon CARacters. They arrived at Cardano’s ADA World in the form of 10,000 hand-drawn and algorithmically assembled Non-Fungible Tokens.

Join our Family by getting yourself a CardaWheel!

Launch Roadmap

2,500 CardaWheels Minted

3 lucky CardaWheels holders will be airdropped 200 ADA each!

5,000 CardaWheels Minted

We will airdrop CardaWheels to 25 holders and 300 ADA to 5 holders!

7,500 CardaWheels Minted

At this point we will airdrop another 50 CardaWheels and 5 x 500 ADA!

10,000 CardaWheels Minted

Did you know that our Tech guy is a professional Augmented and Virtual Reality developer? Once all CardaWheels are sold out we will start working on adopting AR  for our NFT. We will also start working on collaboration with selected Metaverse on Cardano and Season 2 of CardaWheels NFT. Additionally 10 holders will be rewarded with 500 ADA airdrop!

The Family

We don’t have Team, we have a Family!


Lives a quarter mile at a time, crazy designer of car part.


Faster than fast, quicker than quick, the fastest car assembler in the ADA world.


CEO – Floats like Cadillac, stings like a Beamer, the head of the family.


CardaWheels is a Family of cartoon NFT CARacters available on Cardano blockchain. Each NFT resembles well-known and loved cartoon characters and toy cars. The aim of the project is to create a unique meme community and to spread cars all over the NFT world!

We are planning to release 10,000 NFTs.

We are planning to launch CardaWheels on 5th February 2022, 7PM UTC.

25ADA per CardaWheel.

The purchase will be possible via our website and the appropriate text channel on Discord. The detailed information will be provided soon.

Yoroi/Nami/Daedalus or Adelite – Cardano native wallets only. Do not send ADA straight from exchange because your money will be lost.

We don’t have a specific roadmap. We plan to present several concepts related to CardaWheels, but their development will depend on the interest and opinion of the community.

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